hot girl wanting to cumAre you looking for ways to give your girl pleasure and it drives you crazy that you are not sure of how to make this happen? Well, you do not have to worry since you are not alone. Millions of men from all over the world suffer from the same. Every normal guy wants her woman to reach orgasm when making love. The reason is that making a girl cum is a great ego booster and in case you are her first lover; a super orgasm is something she might never forget for the rest of her sex life. Giving a girl orgasm is not complicated, but it takes some effort. There give her orgasm during sex. Just make good use of the following tips and solidify your reputation as dynamite in bed!

  1. Get her in the mood with foreplay by teasing her erogenous zones

This step is a crucial one but most men overlook and miss out on foreplay. You cannot expect to make her to cum without getting her in the mood, according to Paco Penne from Her erogenous zones are the vagina, the clitoris, and her nipples. These are the areas that if well stimulated can bring her to orgasm. However, focusing on these areas so soon can prolong her orgasm and can even put it off completely. You need to get her to tell you what to do once she is comfortable enough to talk about sex and say what she likes. By getting a girl to do this you will be able to please her beyond her imaginations. You can get her comfortable to talk by playing with other erogenous zones such as her pubic area, thighs, back, scalp, and even her lips.

2. Make her moan with pleasure using your tongue

The closer she is to get to orgasm when you penetrate the easier it will be to make her cum during sex. You can bring her to the blink by kissing her inner thighs and work your way into the outside of her vagina with your tongue. Run your tongue up and down on her lips before you can focus on her clitoris as you circle it repeatedly until she cannot take it anymore. Lick her clitoris gently as you penetrate your tongue into her vagina. Flick back and forth, up and down until she gets totally aroused. You can never go wrong with this trick.

  1. Use deep penetration to involve her clitoris!

Never be in a hurry to penetrate. This is where men go wrong! Even if you feel like you are ready, take time before penetrating because men do not take long while women take longer to reach orgasm. If you rush to penetrate, you might get there first and you may not be able to satisfy her. Instead, continue with foreplay until she begs for the penetration.

Even as you penetrate, thrust into her deep and make sure your pubic bone rubs against her clitoris. The friction that you create with the penis accompanied by the clitoral stimulation should send her to orgasm. Caress her body as you make deep thrusts and hold on until you feel that she is on the edge.

Once the girl indicates signs of getting to climax, you need to time your orgasm for you to be able to reach an explosive orgasm together. Orgasm should be accompanied by faster and deeper thrusts. Such an orgasm will leave you both fully drained and satisfied.

There you have it! Making a girl cum will no longer be an issue. Just make good use of the above tips and get your girl to an orgasm that will satisfy her mentally and emotionally. Besides, an overstimulated girl gets a monster orgasm and once you achieve that, she will forever see you as a guru in bed and keep coming back for more!

She wants him to go downOk, let’s not pretend here. At one point or another just about everyone has headed to the internet to find heading down on a woman tips. We prefer to think we have been pro’s and can do it much better than other people, but deep down everybody knows that seriously isn’t the truth. For a female, getting oral intimacy is by significantly a common activity during intercourse. There’s a right way to do it, in addition to an incorrect way. Which group you are in is totally your decision.
Performing cunnilingus on a female is the main sex act that lots of folks are clueless how to perform properly. There is obviously a proper strategy to use about cunnilingus. Learning tricks for heading down on a woman is really important for good, enjoyable, orgasmic activities to occur.

Tips for Heading Down on a Woman

Work the right path down there gradually. Don’t just dive right in! Travel south gradually. Go from kissing, to necking, to caressing and kissing the chest. Some women are timid about their tummies, so be cautious about spending a lot of time there.

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Start sluggish and explore. Different women like various things. But it’s almost widespread that a lot of women do nothing like reckless and high tongue swiping, especially immediately. Go decrease with different tongue strokes and discover which ones react best.

Research your options beforehand. Have a look at a diagram of the vagina and discover the clitoris. That’s where you want to target almost all of your tongue work. While immediate clitoris excitement can be too delicate for some women, working your tongue around and over the protecting clitoris hood is well suited for orgasmic pleasure that occurs. It’s also advisable to check with a good guide for specific techniques and tongue movements offering the most ecstatic, amazing pleasures.

Struck your groove and keep it. That is one of the main methods for heading down on a woman. Once you enter a good, pleasuring groove (you’ll know this by how well your lover is responding verbally, usually through enjoyable moans), then carry this groove and stay with it. Among the worst actions you can take is stop the groove and begin up a totally different tempo and groove.

Another suggestion for heading down on a woman is to invest some time. It’s quite common for men to want to hurry through oral intimacy to allow them to ensure that they are offering a female an orgasm. You do not want to dash through it, because then you are not presenting her your all. Whenever you rush, you may do something incorrect and also you could ruin the complete experience. It’s best that you decide to go slow-moving, really savor as soon as and invest some time.

The ultimate cunnilingus approach that gives her a brilliant powerful climax is to touch the g-spot as well. Despite the fact that clitoral stimulation can do the trick, offering her more and doing more never injure either. While you encourage the clitoris increasingly more, the g-spot will are more engorged and she actually is literally heading to be begging that you can touch her. If you give her more stimulation, as if you learned earlier, you merely further increase her likelihood of making her climax. Giving her activation with both your tongue as well as your fingers is a blend that will easily make her feel something which will be truly out of the world.

Food for a Better Tasting CumThe taste of semen is certainly an obtained taste. Sperm taste is specifically determined by what you eat and what you put into your body will impact how your semen tastes. Some ladies cherish it, while others simply despise it and decline to swallow. A few ladies portray the taste as dye with an indication of salt. This makes swallowing a major turn-off for a few ladies. In any case, all is not lost! There is a strategy to improve your semen taste. By doing this, your lady will probably not only swallow, as well as really enjoy it. Fortunately, the essence and flavor of semen is significantly more under your control than you may anticipate. The food and chemicals that you put into your body influence your sperm taste. The following are some tricks for a better tasting semen that your girl will love.

Tips to Make Your Semen Taste Sweeter and Better

– Drink more water

Water is essential. Remember that the original liquid is made generally out of water and on the off chance that you don’t have enough of it; your discharge will be entirely low in sum and may likewise not taste great. Along these lines, make a point to drink no less than 8-10 glasses of water every day. It won’t just evacuate the toxins in your body and improve your semen taste however it will likewise expand your semen volume making sex more pleasurable.

– Limit caffeine

In the event that you are drinking too much caffeine, it may not be a smart thought for your semen. Remember that the essence of semen is fundamentally marginally salty; in any case, what you put into your body may make it incidentally astringent or sweeter. Caffeine is not going to make your discharge taste sweet. It will just make it taste sharp. Along these lines, abstain from drinking caffeine in any event before your next discharge and see the distinction.

– Limit the cigarettes, and illegal drugs

Each of the three of these negatively affects your general well-being. All in all, by what method can your sexual well-being abstain from being influenced? These are known to make the semen taste bitter, so make a point to stop smoking and maintain a strategic distance from illegal drugs. Liquor might not negatively affect your sexual well-being if consumed in moderation yet it might make your semen taste bitter. In the event that you are anticipating oral sex, keep away from liquor too.

– Avoid red meat and dairy products

It is believed that red meat makes semen taste much saltier than it really is. This is most likely why the semen of veggie lover men is thought to be much more delectable than the individuals who generally eat non-vegan sustenance. Abstain from eating red meat and rather go for fish which is stuffed with crucial unsaturated fat and may really enhance the taste. Dairy items are additionally known to build the saltiness of your semen. Thus, make a point to maintain a strategic distance from it in the event that you need to develop somewhat more delicious semen in your body for your next sexual experience.

– Other foods

Different sustenance’s that are known to make it sweeter and tastier include wheatgrass, parsley, lemon and peppermint. Cinnamon is particularly prescribed to improve semen taste. Thus, fuse it in your customary eating regimen. Another food that is considered to make it sweeter is pineapple juice. The juice is not just accepted to enhance the essence of your semen but on the other hand is considered to enhance its smell. Keep in mind to incorporate pineapple squeeze in your eating routine basically, on the off chance that you incorporate foods high in regular sugars, your discharge is likely going to taste sweeter than normal. Along these lines, incorporate plums, kiwis, blueberries and cranberries in your general eating routine.

– Keep yourself healthy

A healthy body will probably deliver great tasting semen than a diseased body. In this way, get yourself a careful physical checkup and get treated for any analyzed or undiscovered sickness. On the off chance that you are on any medicines, these may likewise make it taste bitter. Presently, you without a doubt can’t trade off your well-being to enhance the essence of your semen by stopping the medication.

Love to MasturbateMany men wonder how to give their lovers stimulating orgasms. But only 10% of them actually know how. To a woman, the most intimate and exciting moment during sex isn’t the end, but the beginning. I’m talking about foreplay. Nothing gets a woman into gear quicker than great foreplay and knowing how to initiate that will be an asset for you in the bedroom. So let me teach the best method to conduct foreplay. Let me teach you how to finger a girl’s pussy.

Make Her Wet

The first thing you need to understand is that fingering for a woman is extremely intimate. In fact, for a lot them, it is even more intimate that sex itself. So it is your job to ensure that your partner feels secure and knows that you are ready to be intimate before you finger her. Nothing shows your partner that you are ready for intimacy than making them wet. This wetness is a woman’s natural lubrication that will aid you greatly during the foreplay process. To get a woman wet, gently caress her and kiss her in her sensitive’s spots. Those are usually the neck, lips, and breasts. It is important to note that getting wet comes easy for some and for others, a little more work may be required.

Entering the Pussy

Now that you have taken your time to get your partner wet, it is the perfect time to start touching her vagina. Now don’t just go floppy around like a dead fish that is a huge turn-off. You will want to start slow. Tease her by slowly caressing her thigh and pussy lips. Patience is key. You must make her want it, they love to be teased. Once your partner is virtually begging for it, then you can begin. Using one finger, slowly enter inside her.

We start with one finger because we want to gauge the level of wetness and space. As I said early, the woman’s wetness is a form a natural lubrication which will allow your fingers to slide in and out with ease. The space element I am referring to is how wide your partner’s pussy is. You would want to end up forcing more fingers in than it can handle. Causing pain will ruin the mode very quickly. So, begin with one first and then add more as you go until the finger limit is met. After that move on to step 3.

Stimulating the Right Areas

Once you have entered the pussy, DO NOT, just use your finger(s) as if it’s a dildo. Simply pushing your finger(s) in and pulling them out repeatedly does not work. Your goal should be to stimulate various sensitive areas within the pussy, called “g-spots” using a rhythmic motion. These areas do not receive enough stimulation during sex and as a result, the woman fails to orgasm.

With your finger, you can solely focus on those areas making them better tools for giving you girl an orgasm. Start by pressing your fingers against the vaginal wall and move about 2-4 cm inwards. Use your partners face for reference. When you hit the spot, the face is a dead giveaway. Once found, apply a lot of pressure to those spots while stroking. Do not be afraid of hurting your partner. Women were built to take the full weight of a man, so some pressure from your fingers are nothing.

Continue to stroke the areas in a rhythmic manner. You will know if it is effective or not by your partner’s actions. Her body will cringe and contort, her pussy will get wetter and she will start moaning immensely. Keep on doing that motion until she climaxes.


By following these three set, you are guaranteed to give your partner a stimulating orgasm. Not only will this satisfy your partner, but it will also make your love life immensely better and it will also build your confidence in bed. Now go have fun.

Shoot Out MoreHave you ever wanted to push out an all-powerful load of semen leaving your woman completely befuddled and impressed? If you previously believed that this was a skill that only belonged to the porn stars then you are absolutely wrong. You can cum more and increase the duration and intensity of your orgasms through some perfectly natural techniques.

As a matter of fact, caution should be exercised when using herbal aphrodisiacs and supplements as some contain harmful substances like Yohimbe. Yohimbe is an herb gotten from the bark of the eponymous tree in West Africa and its side effects include insomnia, anorexia, dysuria, pain, skin flushing, irritability, palpitations, vomiting, constipation, increase in blood pressure – the list goes on.

Why You Need to Shoot an Impressive Load of Sperm

For those who surprisingly, have never wondered given thought to improving their sperm load, here’s why you need to? Your girl needs it. Women measure the amount of satisfaction they give men by how much cum the guy shoots out during orgasm. Women also measure a guy’s sperm load as an indicator of his fertility. So shooting an impressive load of sperm is in itself a confidence booster as shooting big is an entirely manly thing to do.

You Need More Semen to Cum More

Yet, to be able to cum more, you need more semen. Whilst abstinence for about a week is a recommended approach to an improved sperm load, there are better alternatives. First you need to improve your lifestyle. Drinking more fluids especially water and cutting down on alcohol would help improve the quality of ejaculation. It is recommended that the average human drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water daily. A large composition of semen is water which helps lubricate the way for the sperm to pass through. At the opposite end, alcohol helps in draining the body of fluids thereby reducing your ability to cum more.

Make the Right Dietary Changes

Foods rich in zinc are excellent tools for improving sperm load. Zinc helps improve testosterone levels resulting in improved semen production, erections and sperm count. Foods like oyster, beans, shellfish, walnuts, beef, chicken and fresh salmon are all rich in zinc. With that being said, avoiding processed foods would also do a world of good to your sex life.


Fitness is closely associated with impressive sexual performance. Strong and fit PC muscles are needed to be able to squeeze your semen to ejaculate it further. To tighten your PC muscles try Kegels exercises. To do this exercise, hold back your pee till the count of three, about four to five times before releasing your pee completely. This exercise will not only improve your ejaculation but how long you last in bed (Read: Truth and Lies About Penis Enlargement).


Edging during sex besides helping you last longer in bed, aids impressive sperm loads. Edging is done by reaching the point of orgasm before stopping. This repeated stimulation of your penis to the point of climax would lead to more powerful orgasms.

These are all natural ways of improving sperm count. Supplements like L-Arginine, L-Carnitene, and L-Lysine are also excellent sex enhancing supplements providing you with the necessary minerals for an impressive sperm load. A final advice: cut down on masturbation. Too frequent ejaculations negatively affect sperm load. Through a combination of these techniques you can improve the load of sperm ejaculated, from the usual of 1 – 4 ml, to as much as 10 ml regularly.

hot-girl-squirting-697938_640Squirting orgasms are some of the most powerful orgasms for women. The feeling of ejaculating as well as orgasming is an amazing and rare experience for women. Even the quickest check of the internet reveals that there is website where women literally brag about having had one. On top of that, the feeling for guys of seeing his woman go crazy sexually and leave completely satisfied is amazing. Wouldn’t it be great if you too could give her one of these amazing orgasms? Well, guess what? Any guy can give any woman one of these orgasms, it is simply a matter of mastering a few techniques.

*Technique one: Finding the G-spot.
While clitoral squirting orgasms are possible for women, most men find that giving her a G-spot ejaculation orgasm is more reliable and more pleasurable for her. However, this leads to a problem for a lot of guys: how do you find the G-spot? Luckily this erogenous zone is easy to find. Simply get her to lie on her back with her legs open and insert a finger. If it is not pleasurable for her, you should use some lubrication, especially a water-soluble one (make sure that it is designed to be used internally too). Now gently stroke along the upper side of her vagina. What you are looking for is an area that feels slightly different to the softer surrounding tissue. Generally speaking, the G-spot feels a bit rougher than the skin on your fingers. To test whether you have found the right area, give a couple of slow strokes and you should see a BIG response from her.

*Technique 2: What to do with the G-spot.
Now that you have found the G-spot, it is usually useful to give her a regular orgasm first. While some girls can frequently have a squirting orgasm without a `preparatory` orgasm first, most need to build up to the orgasm. To give her a regular G-spot orgasm, gently stroke from the top to the bottom of the G-spot, using a gentle curl of the fingers. As she gets more excited, you should feel her vagina balloon. This is your cue to increase the speed and she should have an orgasm.

Now you are ready for the final step:

*Technique 3: The female ejaculation orgasm.
The technique for giving her a squirting orgasm relies on three things: your fingers, your wrists, and your arm. At first, you should use only your fingers, gently curling the tips of your fingers over her G-spot. As she gets more excited, slowly increase the speed and add in a slight wrist curl to give the movement more power. At this point, she should be visibly a lot more excited. Some women may ejaculate at this point, but most will need you to add in an arm motion to increase the speed and power. Try not to tense your arm too much, just get into a natural motion. This movement is often called the `whip` in pornography as the rapid bicep flexes make your arm look like a whip. As she comes to orgasm, many guys finds it useful to tell their partner to relax. This can be important as the feeling of orgasm can be too intense for her at first and she may resist it.

If you have done all of the above correctly you should notice a little fluid be released as she orgasms. Usually, it will only be a little the first couple of times she has a squirting orgasm, increasing as she gets used to the orgasm. The key is to make sure that she always enjoys it, regardless of whether she orgasms or not. If she really enjoys having sex with you then you automatically increase the chances of her orgasming without even trying.

penis-enlargement-1238713_640Many people have thrown away hundreds of dollars on useless penis enlargement methods, I can tell you that most products never live up to their promises. This article will help you understand which penis enlargement methods to avoid, why they don’t work, and best of all provide you with the method to get used to start seeing results. No fluff, no filler, let’s begin.

First, let’s get to know your penis. The penis itself is made up of three chambers, each of these chambers fills up with blood during sexual arousal. The spongy tissues that make up these chambers can only absorb a certain amount of blood, meaning that the size of the chambers directly limits your maximum erect size. Now, these chambers are so important to penis enlargement because the tissues that make them up can respond to stress and stimuli much like a muscle does when you exercise it (more on this later). These tissues make up for almost all of the penis’ volume and therefore unless a penis enlargement method can realistically enlarge the chambers, it isn’t going to offer you any results.

To Recap: Bigger Chambers = A Bigger Penis

Penis Pills: Probably the biggest of the “false promise” type products are penis enlargement pills. These pills are always going to be ineffective because the extracts within them only increase blood flow to the penis. While this extra blood may make your erection “harder” it does very little to actually enlarge the chambers, meaning most of the extra blood is wasted (because the chambers have not been enlarged they cannot hold any more and thus the pills don’t help with size whatsoever). Unfortunately, many men mistake a “fuller” erection for actual growth and end up paying for another month of pills before they realize they aren’t really growing at all.

Pumps: As one of the most dangerous options around, pumps should be at the bottom of your list of penis enlargement methods to try out. Penis pumps create a low pressure vacuum around the penis, allowing for rapid expansion that is much too fast for the body to cope with. Many men who experienced burst blood vessels and other unsightly injuries from the use of such devices. To top it all off, results from pumps last a grand total of 10-15 minutes!


The penis enlargement success that has been experienced comes purely from penis enlargement exercises. These exercises use your hands to gently manipulate the penis tissues in targeted motions. Over time, a growth response in the tissues occurs that is very similar to the way your body responds to exercising a muscle (your body increases cell growth in the stressed area so that you are better equipped to handle that stress the next time it occurs). What I like most about this method is that it is REALISTIC and permanent, and puts you in complete control of your gains. It takes some dedication, but you couldn’t be happier with the size that you will have achieved.

You will see the first results after just 2 to 3 weeks of exercising for 5 to 10 minutes each day. Now, after six weeks, you should have achieved an increase of nearly 2 inches in length and an inch and a half in circumference.